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About Us

We are the original creators of CNC Bitcoin & Crypto Artwork – it is a dream come true to offer this artwork to the expanding Bitcoin community!

Crypto CNC Designs started around May 2019 when I met a new friend & he owned a CNC machine setup in his garage to carve signs as a hobby for his Bonsai Garden & other small projects. We were carving numerous of designs to be sold at one of the festivals, where he showcased his Bonsai trees. I thought – what if we carved #Bitcoin designs & related Crypto logo/symbols into wooden rounds. I had to move to a different state & could not find someone to work within my area. After looking for a month, I told my friend who had been extremely busy & a couple days later he sent me a photo in July of the first #Bitcoin round that I decided to share on Crypto Twitter for sale!

I already had a fairly established Twitter profile so I decided to focus on networking – I ended up communicating with some of the biggest names on Crypto Twitter over the next 8 months, ranging from the novice crypto trader to the CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao aka who we carved two custom designed Epoxy BNB round (shown below) in November 2019.  I have also worked with a handful of other coin companies & we will be releasing over a dozen new designs that will be available to the public very soon.

As this once dream approaches a year of activity, this project has now grown into a passion driven business to provide the highest quality possible artwork to the Bitcoin community & others. The journey to this point has been a huge challenge & it is my honor to have you here.

We sincerely appreciate your support & look forward to sharing our unique Artwork with the World!

Collection of New 12″ Rounds & 24″ Bitcoin Epoxy Round

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